Why It Is Important To Have Enough Neck Support While Sleeping To Avoid Neck Pain!

Neck support refers to the ability to maintain a natural and stable position of the head and spine. Viewed from the side, this should keep your spine straight back and forth, and a smooth curve around your neck.

This means that your neck and head should be straight up and down when viewed from the front or back. From the side, the neck is carved in a “C” shape, the ears are aligned with the shoulders and the shoulders are aligned with the hips.

So, a person sleeping on a very flat pillow or without a pillow seems to flatten the “C” curve. If you have too many pillows or too heavy, push your head forward, straighten the curvature, and push your head forward.

Flat pillows can sag your head when lying on your side. If the pillow is too high, your head may lean towards the ceiling. As a result, if you look at this person, you can see that the head and neck are not straight up and down, but tilted to one side or the other.

If so, what questions can you ask?

The problem is that even a slight misalignment of the spine can put pressure on the nerves, causing pain and muscle discomfort. Also, if you keep your head unnatural and healthy for several hours all night, your spine begins to change permanently in this direction, causing more frequent neck problems and discomfort.

Use a support pillow to reduce discomfort. Sleep on your back with a cervical linear traction neck pillow that protects under your neck and keeps your head level when lying on your side.

This pillow adds another material to the neck roll just below the neck. This maintains the best cervical curvature, which can support the spine and reduce nerve tension. Keeping your head level while lying on your side usually reduces nerve fatigue. And you already know that reducing nerve pressure can eliminate pain!