Decorated Pillows by Hand Blind Stitch

Although your room may appear to be fine, are you overlooking anything critical? Are your pillows coordinated with the rest of your room’s decor? If not, create decorator pillows to match your bedroom or living room. You may choose from a variety of elaborate or plain designs. The final move, however, is to stitch the gap closed. The gap is concealed by the hand blind stitch, which is performed entirely by hand and does not require the use of sewing machines. The correct stitches must be completely invisible on the pillow seam, which explains why this method of stitching is called invisible stitching. You are now free of sewing machine repair, since you will no longer need certain gadgets.

To begin, let us review the basics of hand blind stitching. There is nothing to collect. All you need is a thread that matches the pillow’s hue, a needle, scissors, and an iron. To finish your cushion, use the hand blind stitch as follows:

• You must push under the fabric’s edges that surround the void. This is best done just before you put the pillow covering over the pillow. Stitching would be easier with the pressed regions.

• Next, cut a thread approximately 15 inches long. Pass the thread through the eye of the needle to create a double thread of equal lengths, then double knot the ends of the thread.

• Hold your pillow in your lap, distance facing you. Via one side of the thread, insert the needle and draw it along the opposite side of the hole. Ensure that the needle is removed from the point where the fabric was pressed. This way, you will cover the thread knot and continue stitching the fabric at the gap’s right side.

• Then, using the needle, make a tiny stitch on the opposite side of the fabric, directly under the press line. Stitch directly across the gap, so that the fabric is joined and the stitch is approximately 1/8 inch long.

• Place your needle one stitch behind the pressed area on the first side of the cloth. While you’re at it, don’t forget to sew through the gap once more.

• Continue stitching through the gap on both sides of the fabric. This must be achieved in a back-and-forth motion around the distance until it is fully sealed.

• Finally, knot the thread’s needle end so that it lies on the fabric. Insert the needle into the pillow to create an inch-long stitch and then retract the needle. Just above the fabric, cut the thread. This final stitch will fully conceal your knot inside the pillow.

If you have a decorated pillow by your side, all that remains is to add some finishing touches with a hand blind stitch.

How to Add a Pop of Color to Your Holiday Decor by Learning to Make Decorative Pillows

If you’re looking for a quick last-minute project to complete before your guests arrive that suits your Christmas home decorating theme, consider adding some holiday charm to what you could call non-holiday sofa style pillows. You are aware of them. They simply lie on your sofa, attracting no attention while consuming valuable space. That is sufficient. Not only will you be able to instantly transform the look of your existing pillows, but you’ll also have custom-designed pillows that your guests will adore.

What’s very cool about this project is that it needs no sewing at all. Therefore, those of you who are afraid of needles need not be concerned. Begin by wrapping a felt ribbon carefully around the pillow’s front middle. Following that, tie a miniature felt-covered ornament pillow to the felt ribbons by tying the ornament hanger and felt ribbon together. The ornament may easily be removed and reused for other reasons, such as hanging on the Christmas tree the following year or adding to a custom-made gift bag you might be making. Note: To add texture and appeal to your pillows, consider using felt ribbon with attached bells or different ornament design patterns made of similar felt-covered materials.


Sofa pillows in solid colors (we opted for a forest green microsuede pillow) (16 in. x 16 in.)
Red felt ribbon with attached miniature red bells (3 12 ft. x 12 in. w)
1 red miniature felt-covered ornament pillow (we chose one with a stitched pine cone and holly design).